Archers - Clash Royale

A pair of unarmored ranged attackers. Theyll help you with ground and air unit attacks, but youre on your own with coloring your hair.

Archers Summary

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
1.2 sec Medium 1 sec 5.5 Air & Ground 3 x2 Common Troop
  • This card is unlockable from the Training Camp (Tutorial).
  • The Archer is a ranged unit that wields a bow and bears an aqua-blue cape and an emerald green dress.
  • She sports an unusual magenta colored haircut and is also included as a joke in her description.
  • Sometimes, the player will hear the original Archer deployment sound from Clash of Clans when Archers are placed.
  • Level 12 Archers can survive 1 hit from a level 1 Mini PEKKA.


How to counter Archers

Archers are moderately slow, do a decent amount of damage, and are quite beefy for a cheap ranged unit. They can be taken out with a single Fireball, which may be worth it if you can take out a few other troops or damage the tower at the same time, although you probably don’t want to waste your Fireball on Archers by themselves unless absolutely necessary. Splash damage from Wizards, Baby Dragons, and Bombers also destroy Archers with relative ease and should survive with some health left.


Archers Strategy

  • Archers are effective at supporting high hitpoint troops, such as Giants.
  • They can be used effectively to counter low hitpoint troops, e.g MinionsSpear Goblins and Goblins)
  • Archers can be countered with minor troops and the defensive support of the players Crown Towers. Wait for the Archers to come to your territory and spawning low hitpoint troops to distract them.


Archers Statistics

Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second
1 125 40 33
2 137 44 36
3 151 48 40
4 166 53 44
5 182 58 48
6 200 64 53
7 220 70 56
8 241 77 64
9 265 84 70
10 291 93 77
11 320 102 85
12 351 112 93