Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon - Clash Royale

Flying troop that deals area damage. Baby dragons hatch cute, hungry, and ready for a barbeque.

Baby Dragon Summary

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
1.8 sec Fast 1 sec 3.5 Air & Ground 4 x1 Epic Troop
  • This card is unlockable from the Training Camp (Tutorial).
  • The Baby Dragon is a flying card that fires powerful Fireballs to enemy cards and Crown Towers.
  • The Baby Dragon is similiar to the Dragon from Clash of Clans, a game developed by Supercell. But strangely, Dragon isnt added in to the game.


How to counter Baby Dragon

The Baby Dragon can be the best card in the game. A tanky, flying troop that does splash damage and kills most cards that can attack him in 1-2 hits, the Baby Dragon is simply too versatile. If available, the Musketeer is the single best card to trade vs Baby Dragon. If not, you HAVE to wait until the Baby Dragon is locked on to something tanky (troop or tower) and drop your Spear Gobs/Arrows/Minions around the Baby Dragon (but not in front of him or they could die to splash damage). Teslas and Inferno Towers also tend to do pretty well vs. Baby Dragon, although I do not think a lone Baby Dragon is worth reactively throwing down a defensive building for. The one downside of Baby Dragon is that it doesnt do very much tower damage and it sometimes may be worth just sacrificing the tower damage in favor of saving elixir.


Baby Dragon Strategy

  • A tough unit, such as the Giant, can distract the Baby Dragon while supporting it with units such as Archers. This will eventually whittle down the Baby Dragon and will prevent it from attacking your Arena Towers.
  • Another counter to the Baby Dragon is the Inferno Tower. Because the Inferno Towers damage intensifies overtime against higher health units, it will take down the Baby Dragon with ease, without taking much damage in return.
  • A great counter to the Baby Dragon is Tombstone and Musketeer combo, as while the Baby Dragon is focused on the Tombstone, the Musketeer is able to eliminate the Baby Dragon. The Tombstone must be placed in front of the Musketeer, so that the Baby Dragon targets it. If the opponent places down other troops & the Tombstone is destroyed, use Minions to eliminate the Baby Dragon, and along with the Skeletons spawned upon the Tombstones destruction & Musketeer, form a counter-offensive.
  • An opposing Baby Dragon can simply be countered with a defending Baby Dragon, with additional units to destroy & eliminate the attacking troop.


Baby Dragon Statistics

Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second
1 800 100 55
2 880 110 61
3 968 121 67
4 1,064 133 73
5 1,168 146 81
6 1,280 160 88
7 1,408 176 97
8 1,544 193 107