Barbarian Hut

Barbarian Hut - Clash Royale

Troop building that periodically deploys Barbarians to fight the enemy. Time to make the Barbarians.

Barbarian Hut Summary

Spawn Speed Deploy Time Lifetime Cost Rarity Type
14 sec 1 sec 1 min 7 Rare Building
  • This card is unlockable from the Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3).
  • The Barbarian Hut spawns Barbarians at a rate of 2 per 14 seconds.
  • The Barbarian Hut is the most expensive building in the game, costing 7 Elixir.


How to counter Barbarian Hut

The cornerstone of hut decks, Barbarian Huts are expensive and beefy, and spawn 2 beefy Barbarians every few seconds. Left alone, these Barbarians will do significant chip damage to your tower throughout the Hut’s duration. Backed with some cheap swarm troops for a push or a few Goblin Huts, the game can quickly get out of control. If you don’t have a good elixir advantage once double elixir hits against a Hut deck (and they have a lot of Huts up) you’ll most likely be overwhelmed by your opponent’s ability to double the number of Huts on the board. However, Barbarian Huts are very expensive at 7 elixir and leave your opponent wide open to counter attack. The trick to counter Hut decks is to apply pressure early and keep the number of Huts in control. If you can, Fireball a Hut (or better yet, multiple Huts and some troops) and the tower, it’s almost always worth it. If you’re running it, Lightning or Poison are the end-all-be-all Hut counters, with the ability to take out a significant chunk of the Hut’s duration/health and the ability to easily hit multiple targets at once. Doing so against a Hut deck will put you at a big advantage.


Barbarian Hut Strategy

  • The continual spawning of the Barbarians, from the Barbarian Hut (in affiliation with Tombstones and Goblin Huts) can destroy an opposing Crown Tower, if the Building is overlooked by the opponent.
  • The Barbarian Hut can be used defensively, and spawned in front of the players Crown Tower in order to protect it.


Barbarian Hut Statistics

Level Hitpoints Barbarian level
1 1,100 3
2 1,210 4
3 1,331 5
4 1,463 6
5 1,606 7
6 1,760 8
7 1,936 9
8 2,123 10
9 2,332 11
10 2,563 12