Bomb Tower

Bomb Tower - Clash Royale

Defensive building that houses a Bomber. Deals area damage to anything dumb enough to stand near it.

Bomb Tower Summary

Hit Speed Deploy Time Lifetime Range Target Cost Rarity Type
1.6 sec 1 sec 1 min 6.5 Ground 5 Rare Building
  • This card is unlockable from the Bone Pit (Arena 2).
  • The Bomb Tower is a defensive building , housing an armed Bomber which lobs explosives.
  • This Tower will throw bombs, just as the Bomber, to any enemy cards in its defensive radius. The thrown bombs have an AoE (Area of Effect) damage effect, perfect against swarming units such as the Skeleton Army.
  • The Bomb Tower cannot attack air units.
  • As a Skeleton, the Bomber housed in the Bomb Tower is connected to Skeletons, which include the Skeleton Army, Tombstone, the Giant Skeleton and the Balloon.


How to counter Bomb Tower

Bomb Tower is the beefiest defensive structure in the game and does relatively high amounts of splash damage to ground troops. However, it’s glaring weakness is that it only damage ground troops, so air troops can easily take it out. If your opponent drops a Bomb Tower, do not drop off Barbarians or any other ground troops with less HP as the Bomb Tower will make quick work of them. Instead, Minions, Minion Horde, or Baby Dragon should be able to do a signficant to the Bomb Tower if it is close to the river. Alternatively, dropping a massive tank such as a PEKKA, Golem, or Giant along with supporting ranged troops makes a beefy push that can easily deal with the Bomb Tower and then some.


Bomb Tower Strategy

  • The Bomb Tower can be used to distract troops that target Buildings, to protect a tower, such as Giants or Balloons.
  • Its very effective against a swarm of low hitpoint troops, such as the Skeleton Army or Goblins.
  • The Bomb Tower can be effectively placed, in the radius of the players Tower, as any opposing offensive troops attacking the Bomb Tower, will be targeted by the defending Arena Tower.
  • Keep in mind that the Bomb Tower cannot attack air units. This means that Minions can take it out without taking damage on their own.


Bomb Tower Statistics

Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second
1 900 100 58
2 990 110 65
3 1,089 121 71
4 1,197 133 78
5 1,314 146 86
6 1,440 160 94
7 1,584 176 103
9 1,908 212 125