Deck to reach Arena 7 (Royal Arena) at level 6

By | March 10, 2016

Today we show you how to reach the Royal Arena (Arena 7) with a very robust deck. This deck will allow you to reach the Royal Arena, that means it will lead you to more than 2000 trophies. Its a very extensive and detailed guide that will get you to the top of Clash Royale.


Royal Arena - Arena 7


Deck to reach Royal Arena

Spear Goblins (2 elixir)

Spear Goblins - Clash Royale

These three little mean green creatures still takes an important role as a cheap damage dealer. Theyre good for cycling decks and good at what they do both offensively and defensively. When defending, put them behind a cannon or next to a tower to avoid taking damage as they will easily die to mostly anything. One exception to this would be when you have an opponents prince coming through the bridge and you have nothing better to play.

A lot of times, spear goblins is the first card to play when you reach 10 elixir at the start of the game but avoid dropping these if the opponent is two levels higher than your spear goblins because their tower will one-shot them. If theyre not, drop them on the bridge and deal 300 damage on their tower if they dont respond. If they do, counter their play to gain elixir advantage.

If youre tired of getting your spear goblins arrowed, archers could be a better replacement for them though I recommend you to not play them if you have a minion horde on the field. Its best played with barbs or a prince when pushing but with minion hordes, youre just throwing elixir out the window when your opponent zaps/arrows them.


Zap (2 elixir)

Zap - Clash Royale

This wonderful spell Ive fallen in love with used to be arrows but they have so much more potential although they have some weaknesses compared to arrows. With only just 2 elixir, this card will instantly vaporize spear goblins, skeletons, goblins (only when their level is equal to yours. meaning not goblins from barrels) and will leave minions and goblin barrels for your tower to finish them off with just one hit.

For using this spell defensively, this is your best card at countering goblin barrels since you will gain two elixir advantage while only taking one hit from a single goblin if you time it correctly. However, you must fireball them if your tower is distracted and unable to finish them off. Zap is also great at countering minions/goblins/skeletons, especially against aggressively played minion hordes. You will gain three elixir advantage if a minion horde is the only card theyve played because your tower will finish them off without taking a hit. You should also fireball them if your tower is distracted since theyll tear apart anything in range. Also, you shouldnt zap them if theyre running freeze, but instead, fireball them.

Now for offensive purposes where this spell truly shines, are when you play them to counter whatever they have for your prince. Zap will insta-kill spear goblins, skeleton army (sometimes will leave one or two skeletons but should be easily taken care of with ranged troops behind the prince), and even tombstone if timed right(although its not an easy thing to do). You will also often want to zap archers/minion hordes because although theyll not die from it, it will be a deciding factor whether your prince will live to take out their tower or die before doing it. Their low-health troops will die to your spear goblins/musketeer or your tower will finish them off if they manage to cross the river somehow. This has won me so many games that I cannot stress this enough. Practicing this tactic will definitely increase your win-rate by far.

ADDED: Always try to have more than 2 elixir for use when going on a push to use zap instead of waiting for another 4 to drop another musketeer in the back. This will keep you prince healthy for a long time and deal more damage on to the tower as well because if your prince dies the rest your troops will die fairly easily as theyre not so tanky.

The most important aspect of this spell is that it is almost instantly cast unlike arrows. Arrows are hard to use offensively because their traveling time will usually leave your prince dead or it will have already taken out their spear goblins by the time they reach. Also, the 1-second stun on this amazing spell will save your troops surprisingly often. Its long enough for your troops to take out their stunned troops which will change the tide of the game.

Although its an amazing spell it has its downside. First, its range is very small compared to arrows which means you have to aim it carefully and you may have a hard time dealing with goblin barrels if your opponents throw their barrels at the corner of the map in which your zap will miss if placed directly on top of your tower. When this happens, immediately fireball them and look very closely the next time they throw their barrels because the animation is slightly different. In this case, you shouldnt preemptively throw spells when the barrel crosses the river. Only throw them when youre sure where the barrel will land so you avoid wasting elixir and counter-played.

Arrows are the obvious substitute for this spell, but I strongly recommend giving this spell a try because its easier to gain elixir advantage than arrows and will win you games when played correctly.


Cannon (3 elixir)

Cannon - Clash Royale

This black tower defender is back once again after experimenting with tesla for a while. Tesla was better at defending baby dragons, minions, and balloons but was a tad expensive to play and lacked enough health to defend giants/giant skeletons/golems. This will obviously be the main structure for defending every troops except flying ones and princes. Theyll kill hog riders giving you one elixir advantage and even giant skeletons if theyre alone.

Often the first card to play in the game if its in your starting hand. Placement for cannons is very crucial as theyll be in musketeer range if theyre too close to the river (musketeers have a longer range than cannons) but wont lure troops to the middle from the other side if theyre too far away from the river. Actually there is no middle ground that satisfies both these conditions so you should position them accordingly.

An important point for using a cannon is to not play them if youre not going to defend anything. If your cannon didnt shoot any of their troops, it means you just wasted 3 elixir. So, only play them if you know you will have something to shoot and if possible, right before you opponents troops come over to your side so you can get the most out of your cannon (but dont wait on full elixir trying to do this).

Cannon is also superb in defending Xbow decks. Once you know theyre running an x-bow in their deck, never place them before your opponent places an x-bow. Wait til your opponent places them and put a cannon right in front of it and watch your cannon tear it apart. If theres other defensive structures/troops use your troops/spells accordingly.

Tesla is obviously the best substitute for a cannon. Try using a tesla if youre having trouble with balloons/baby dragons but confident in match-ups with giants/pekkas/golems. Theyre also immune to spells while underground so thats an obvious plus.


Fireball (4 elixir)

Fireball - Clash Royale

This once used to be lightning but I felt like I had too many games where lightning would just sit in my hand the entire game because they didnt have witch/wizard or had teslas for defensive structures. Since then, I started using fireball when I found that Im having trouble dealing with decks that run both a minion horde and a goblin barrel and sometimes a mirror with them. Often times I wont have an answer to a second barrel or a minion horde coming after throwing arrows at the goblins from the barrel since I dont have a baby dragon to deal with minion hordes and my wizard was to low to one-shot level 8 minions. Fireball does everything arrows can do and will kill bombers/archers while crippling wizards/witches/musketeers/barbarians.

Usually used at defending minion hordes and goblin barrels but sometimes used on other things for both defensive/offensive purposes. Could be used on huts for hut decks and defending a push behind a giant/golem that are in pseudo-kill range.

Often times, a winning move will be to throw it on their bomber/archers when your barbs are pushing to catch them off guard. Also, I wouldnt recommend throwing it on their bomber/archers/etc when theyre passing their tower because your opponents will usually drop more troops that are in fireball range when theyre close to crossing the river so you will get more value out of fireballing all them. I also dont think 160 damage is justifiable for 1 elixir cost.

Surprisingly, I think baby dragon will be a good substitute for this spell because a baby dragon can do a lot of things a fireball can do with the same cost while being a bit slow. Obviously, strats like fireballing bombers/archers while you barbs are rushing wont be possible but I think its added tankiness will be able to win me more games.


Musketeer (4 elixir)

Musketeer - Clash Royale

Good at dealing damage at anything while being a bit tanky to withstand a fireball on the same level (although mine is level 3 so it usually just dies). Best at countering balloons and baby dragons and best to support your prince because putting them with your barbs will result in getting fireballed and losing all of them. However, a prince+musketeer comp will be vulnerable to barbs and minion hordes so look out for that.

Its also a good starting play to drop her in the back to build a push if you dont have both spear goblins and a cannon in your starting hand.

Although its good at what it does, I find it her place is somewhat uncertain and could be replaced with another card such as mirror, goblin barrel or even hog rider. In this case however, you should definitely run tesla instead of cannon since you will want to counter balloons/baby dragons with those.


Minion Horde (5 elixir)

Minion Horde - Clash Royale

This will spawn six minions that will kill anything withing seconds. Usually used for defending against any tanky troops including barbs(best answer to barbs because theyre slow moving compared to prince/hog rider and you will force your opponent to respond). Also great at killing giants/golems but make sure their witch/wizard/baby dragon is distracted to your cannon for this to work. Also works great for countering balloons and baby dragons (only when distracted to tower/cannon) but I usually save them for countering barbs.

When you opponent is running a balloon-freeze deck try to kill the balloon first with your musketeer and if they freeze it, drop these little beasts. Best at defending barbs+musketeer push comp or even barbs+prince push comp with a little help from fireball/barbs.

After defending, your opponent will be forced to defend these guys counter push because theyre very deadly if they reach the tower. This will usually result in you gaining elixir advantage but playing them purely offensively is very risky since there are too many cards that counter it including zap/arrows/fireball/wizard/witch/baby dragon. Some opponents will only run one or two of these cards in which you could look for a chance to play a minion horde offensively which could result in an easy crown.


Barbarians (5 elixir)Barbarians - Clash Royale

Best answer to a prince. Spear goblins and cannon will quickly die while taking a chunk of tower damage and your minion horde wont stop a prince from charging into your tower whereas barbarians will stop their prince while taking 0 damage on the tower AND still have 1~2 of them alive.

Also good at countering hod riders when your cannon is not an option and other big tanks like giants/golems/giant skeletons. For pekkas, minion horde is a better answer since pekka will kill a barb everytime it swings. Also good for dealing with xbow when your cannon isnt an option.

Use them offensively only when you know they cant play a prince on the other side or theyre out of fireball/wizard/bomber/etc. Barb+prince push can be very deadly if you manage to fireball their minion horde or zap them and let your spear goblins to take them out. Avoid bomb tower, baby dragon, and all kinds of splash damage.


Prince (5 elixir)

Prince - Clash Royale

Your win condition. You will rely heavily on this guy for you to win games. If your opponent has a defensive structure up, its best to push with a prince since itll easily take them out with the help of a musketeer/spear goblins in the back. You should try to counter everything your opponent plays to defend your prince with zap/fireball but always look out for barbs because its very hard to get through barbs without your prince dying no matter what you do. If your opponents runs barbs, only play prince when theyre not playable to defend your prince.

You will need to play prince defensively if your facing a giant/golem + witch/wizard/bomber/baby dragon comp because all your other troops are too weak to splash damage (spear goblins, minion horde, barbs) or fragile (musketeer). Although you can distract them with your cannon/towers its hard to do so and I recommend you to just drop a prince to deal with the troops in the back and let your minions/barbs take out their big guy. If things get out of control, you always have your fireball/zap for assistance.

Also good at taking an x-bow out if theyre alone and youre not able to play cannon.

I was under the impression hog rider would be a good substitute for a prince but that will make this deck too weak against big guy + splash guy comp. If you have to use hog rider, I would suggest taking out musketeer and cannon and put knight and tesla in. Or, just go hog+goblin barrel or run a freeze deck which will be vastly different from this deck.


Gameplan to reach Royal Arena with this deck

Although almost everything is explained above, I will repeat this. At the start, after you reach 10 elixir, your priority in first play will be

Cannon in the middle -> Spear goblins on the bridge (if their tower wont one-shot your spear goblins) -> Musketeer at the back -> Spear goblins in the back -> Barbs on the bridge.

If your starting hand is something like zap, fireball, minion horde, prince, at least dropping prince would be best cause minion horde has too many counters to use offensively at the start.

You should always try to make favorable trades and punish your opponents for making mistakes such as dropping prince on the other side of the map when they play barbs offensively and your minion horde can take care of them. This will force the enemy to arrow your minion horde and use 8 elixir while you use 5 on minion horde and 5 on prince and they only have 2 elixir to defend your prince. If they play something small, zap them and you could actually get a crown out of that play.

There are so many possibilities with these types of plays that rely on benefiting from your opponents mistake.

Also, always keep track of what cards your opponent has. Its essential to know what cards they have. The usual ones to look out for are

  • what kind of cards do they have for countering your prince that wont die to your zap. (definitely barbs)
  • what kind of cards do they have for countering your minion horde. (zap, arrows, fireball, wizard, baby dragon, witch)
  • what is their win condition. (giant push-comp, prince-hog, hog freeze, balloon freeze, xbow, barrel freeze, etc)


Credits to /u/lyingroyale for the awesome guide!

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