Deck to reach Arena 5 as a level 4

By | March 12, 2016

Spell Valley - Arena 5My fellow Royalers, Ive been using a variation of this deck since the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1) and it has been working well all the way up to the Spell Valley (Arena 5) as a level 4. The deck has a good balance of defensive and offensive cards.

This deck currently has 99% win rate. and can get you to Arena 5 if you follow the strategy specially the counters section.


Deck to reach Arena 5 as a level 4:


Strategy: To win with this deck you need to learn how to gain elixir advantage by trading efficiently and using your crown tower.


Common counters for the deck to reach Arena 5:

  • Witch drop the knight right on top of her when she crosses the bridge. If there are other skeletons/goblins drop the knight and then follow up with baby dragon or bomber
  • Prince/Hog Rider drop goblins/spear goblins/knight/tombstone in front of the tower. Dont let the prince charge up and hit the tower!
  • Balloons  drop air targeting units such as spear goblins/baby dragon or use a defensive unit like tombstone in the middle to distract the loon
  • Giant Skeleton drop goblins/spear goblins/knight/tombstone near the middle of your side as the giant skeleton crosses the bridge. Keep kiting the giant skeleton until the giant skeleton dies.
  • Baby Dragon use your own baby dragon to counter along the help of your crown tower. drop spear goblins when baby dragon is focused on your tower already (it wouldnt do that much damage)
  • Giant Use goblins/spear goblins/tombstone/knight/dragon when giant crosses the bridge. Throw an arrow if the opponent have cheap troops following the giant
  • Minion Horde/Goblin Barrel use arrows
  • Valkyrie/Musketeer use a knight and spear gobs when she crosses the bridge
  • Mini PEKKA  same as valkyrie but you could use goblins as well
  • Skeleton Army use bomber/arrow
  • Barbarians use bomber/baby dragon/spear goblins
  • XBow use knight/goblins/bomber. You want to take our the xbow and the troops they drop in front of the xbow ASAP.

The main point I want to get across from the list of counters is that treat your crown tower as a troop and use it to your advantage. When the opponent deploys troops on their side you dont want to immediate deploy troops to counter. Wait until their troops crosses the bridge then deploy your troops. Your crown tower is a valuable asset and its the key to winning battles when the opponent have card/level advantage.


Possible Substitutes:

  • Spear Goblins archers
  • Arrows fireball
  • Knight mini pekka
  • Baby Dragon valkyrie, musketeer, minions, minion horde

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