Deck without Prince or Baby Dragon

By | March 14, 2016


Prince - Clash RoyaleToday I bring you a deck if you feel helpless because you do not have the Prince and Baby Dragon Cards, and the strategy involved in using it. So this is basically a deck for Arena 3 and 4 without Prince nor the Baby Dragon.


Coming to the strategy, I will try to keep it short, simple and easy to understand. The components of the Deck are-Giant, Witch, Musketeer, Minions, Bomb Tower, Spear Goblins, Skeleton Army and Arrows. Let me describe their individual roles in the Army.


Best deck without Prince and Baby Dragon

  • Giant  Giant is the beefiest card in the composition. So clearly his role is to tank hits for the other weaker but high damaging troops.
  • Witch  The Centrepiece of Offense in this strategy, is the low health, low DPS but skeleton spawning and Splash damage inflicting Witch. Her skeletons serve as distractions as well as small DPS packets that wear down HP of the crown towers little-by-little.
  • Musketeer  The low health musketeer is an ideal troop for both offense and defense. Whether it is a Giant, a Baby Dragon or a Crown Tower, the Musketeer can deal serious damage to everything that blocks the way to Victory, provided that you have something ahead to tank for it.
  • Minions  Fast, cheap and ridiculously troublesome, I use minions in my deck because they make short work of any ground melee troops. They can halt enemys pushes and aid in yours. They can also take out a Bomb tower placed close to the river.
  • Bomb Tower The absolutely unforgiving, distraction and swarm annahilation machine is the Bomb Tower, which by the way is Centrepiece of my Decks defensive front. It distracts every troop to death and mercilessly slays every ground troop coming its way.
  • Spear Goblins  These troops offer best value for the Elixir you spend on deploying them. They can support pushes, supress pushes and can also help you buy time when youre running low on Elixirix. I like to toss them around to scout the enemy and kill defensive forces during a push.
  • Skeleton Army  Overwhelms single target troops like PEKKAS, Prince and Building Targeting troops like Giants, Hog Rider. It can be countered easily using arrows but most of the time It gets the job done before enemy sets the arrows on it.
  • Arrows  If you wanna take back the control, when a swarm of troops is pressing forward upon you, Here is your thing.


Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 which is cool considering that the deck will hold up nicely in the last 60 seconds where the scales get tipped to a side most of the time.


Strategy for the deck without Prince and Baby Dragon

Once the game starts, your first moves will depend on your starting cards. If you have a Bomb Tower, place it right away in the centre of your court, a bit ahead of crown towers. If not, focus on how to set up The Giant- Witch push.

Talking of offense, The Giant-Witch push accompanied by Gobs/Minions is a strong push and if your enemy doesnt react soon enough, it wont take long to take the tower down with it. If you have low elixir and Witch card on tray and the Giant card as upcoming one, Wait until you have around 7 elixir, deploy the witch in the far back of your side of arena, let her approach and deploy the Giant as soon as the witch is about to reach the bridge. But remember your witch must be behind the giant all the time, or it will be too easy to kill her and your push will be supressed real quick.

Drop Musketeer and other supporting troops as you need. Lets move on to defending now.


Countering the deck without Prince and Baby Dragon against:


Hut Spammers/ Spawner Decks

One of the most abundant breed of Royale players. To counter such decks, use Bomb Tower in the middle of your court and Spear Gobs/Minions to finish off the spawned troops as soon as they invade your front.


Swarmers/ Cheap Troops Spam Decks

You face them every once in a while, dont you? But dont worry, fortunately, we have the swarm annahilation machine we talked about earlier right? Simply place the Bomb Tower in middle of your side of arena and watch those swarms get destroyed in moments. You can also place a Witch to utilize her Splash damage factor against the swarm.


Totally Offense focused Decks

We say people from every Arena who just believe in throwing all the cards in one by one to create an unstopable push. To beat such Decks, Use Bomb Tower in centre of your side of Arena, Deploy Spear Gobs/Minions/Musketeer towards the back of your court, so that while Bomb Tower distracts the tanks, the troop you deployed kill them. When the things are getting hot and out of control, you can also deploy a giant to buy time and introduce an unexpected target into the field. Once you have successfully supressed the push, the opponent would probably have lost all the elixir because of throwing everything in for the push, It can be an opening for you to use those defending troops to create your own push.


X-Bow Decks

Since Xbows are set up near the river, you must use Minions/ Musketeer/ Spear Gobs to take it down and then you can simply throw in a Giant and some other offensive troop to start a push against opponents Crown Towers.


I hope this Deck without Prince and Baby Dragon and the strategy helps you achieve victory in your respective Arena as it did for me. Please post any questions, suggestions in the comments below!

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