Freeze - Clash Royale

Freezes troops and buildings, making them unable to move or attack. Everybody chill.

Freeze Summary

Radius Cost Rarity Type
3 4 Epic Spell
  • This card is unlockable from the P.E.K.K.A Playhouse (Arena 4).
  • The Freeze Spell has the exact same characteristics as its Clash of Clans counterpart.


How to counter Freeze

With the ability to keep troops and buildings from attacking for a few seconds, Freeze is an incredibly powerful spell when used correctly. When combined with troops that focus buildings like Hog Rider or Balloon, Freeze is a very deadly offensive tool. It can even be used in a pinch on defense, however, you should make sure you have a high DPS troop like Minion Horde or Wizard to take the frozen troops out. Like XBow, Freeze can be scouted out (but is a bit more difficult to do so). If your opponent is playing a naked Hog Rider or Balloon and hasn’t invested in a big push recently, then they most likely have Freeze in their hand. Once you know your opponent is playing Freeze, you need to take very specific precautions to minimize its effectiveness. First off, never drop your troops around/behind your tower. The best place to drop your troops when your opponent is running Freeze is actually near the river, well in front of your tower. This forces your opponent to choose between Freezing your tower or your troops. If you’re down one tower and your King Tower is activated (cannon is out), NEVER put your troops in the area between your King Tower and your remaining tower. In fact, always put it towards the edge of the arena. This forces your opponent to choose between Freezing your King Tower and your remaining tower or freezing your troops. Second, use cheap troops to defend (such as Goblins, Spear Goblins, Archers) and NEVER drop them all at once. Drop one troop to bait out the Freeze, then once the Freeze is used, immediately drop the others. Lastly, Freeze leaves your opponent open for a big counter play if they don’t take out your defensive troops (which they won’t with Hog + Freeze or Balloon + Freeze), as they’ve invested 4 elixir into a spell that doesn’t damage troops, so gear up for a big counter push and punish them.


Freeze Strategy

  • The Freeze spell can be used in combination with Balloons to deal immense damage to buildings, and Crown Towers. Once the Balloon is deployed, the Freeze spell is then cast on enemy troops and the targeted Crown Tower, spawned to protect their own Tower, but rendered unable to move or attack from the Freeze spells effects, whilst the Balloon deals extensive damage, and/or destroying the targeted Tower.
  • Freeze can also be used defensively to stop incoming troops such as a PEKKA, which can be devastating if it reaches your Arena Towers.
  • Freeze can also be used to for Hog Riders to freeze defending troops and Crown Towers. If done properly, a Hog Rider can dish out immense damage on its own while the freeze lasts.


Freeze Statistics

Level Duration
1 5 sec
2 5.3 sec
3 5.6 sec
4 5.9 sec
5 6.2 sec
6 6.5 sec
7 6.8 sec
8 7.1 sec