Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel - Clash Royale

Spawns three Goblins anywhere on the Arena. Its going to be a thrilling ride, boys!

Goblin Barrel Summary

Radius Cost Count Rarity Type
1.5 4 x3 Epic Spell
  • This card is unlockable from the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1).
  • The Goblin Barrel is a barrel, cast from anywhere in the battleground, and upon the barrels impact, multiple Goblins will spawn.
  • The Goblins spawned from the barrel are common melee Goblins, not Spear Goblins.
  • At the maximum level, it can spawn Level 13 Goblins, which is impossible to upgrade to.


How to counter Goblin Barrel

Another card that often stumps newer players, an unchecked Goblin Barrel can do a ton of damage to your tower. Players will most often throw it right on top of your tower, and a preemptive Arrows on top of your tower right after the Barrel has crossed the river should take care of the Goblins before they can get a stab in. Zap also works well against Goblin Barrel but the timing is different as Zap casts quicker. You also have to be more accurate using Zap as the radius of the spell is smaller. Fireball works in a pinch for a zero net elixir advantage and timing is similar to Arrows. If you don’t have one of those 3 spells at your disposal, drop some cheap troops on top of your tower to draw the Goblins’ attention away from the tower.


Goblin Barrel Strategy

  • If there is a Tombstone or Goblin Hut protected behind an Arena tower, the player can use the Goblin Barrel to take them out quickly. First, deploy a Knight or Giant on the side with the Hut, and when the Tower is locked on to your high hitpoint unit, deploy the Goblin Barrel, and they will go to work unhindered.
  • Arrows are effectively used to counter Goblin Barrels, before the Goblin Barrels impact due to the Arrows cast time, to avoid extreme damage done to your Arena Towers and vice versa.
    • However, adept players targeting the opponents Crown Tower, cast the Goblin Barrel in the far corner of the opposing territory, away from the defending players Arrows instinctively cast on the Crown Tower, and thus, the spawned Goblins can attack the Tower, alive.
  • As the description says, it can be fired from anywhere, allowing players to finish off buildings they cannot reach.
  • Goblin Barrel can be used to bait the opponents Arrows spell or another spell, allowing the player to swarm their opponent with cards without hindrance from AoE Spells.


Goblin Barrel Statistics

Level Area Damage Crown Tower Damage Goblin level
1 50 20 6
2 55 22 7
3 60 24 8
4 66 27 9
5 73 30 10
6 80 32 11
7 88 36 12
8 96 39 13