Mortar - Clash Royale

Defensive building with a long range. Shoots exploding shells that deal area damage. Cannot shoot at targets that get very close!

Mortar Summary

Hit Speed Deploy Time Lifetime Range Target Cost Rarity Type
5 sec 3 sec 30 sec 12 Ground 4 Common Building


How to counter Mortar

The Mortar is like a mini XBow. It can hit your towers from the other side of the arena, but has a blind spot up close where it cannot attack troops. However, it attacks very slowly and is fairly vulnerable to counterattack, and unlike XBow, players do not have to build their entire deck around it. I’ve actually seen a lot of players use it to put pressure on the one lane while they push down the other lane with their troops. Generally, you’ll want to deal with Mortar the same way you’d deal with an XBow.


Mortar Strategy

  • The Mortar can be placed to eliminate large swarms of troops like Goblins, or assist in eliminating medium or high hitpoint troops. Its low hit speed means that it has lowered effectiveness on higher hitpoint troops, such as the Giant.
  • For effectiveness, the Mortar can be placed in the center of the players territory, preferably closer to the Kings Tower, so opposing troops cannot get to the Mortar and Tower without defensive resistance.
  • The Mortar can be effectively used offensively, able to target the players opposing Crown Towers.
  • While the Mortar is very powerful, it should be noted that fast troops such as the Hog Rider can get towards the Mortar quickly, making them untargettable due to the fact it cannot target close targets.


Mortar Statistics

Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second
1 600 120 24
2 660 132 26
3 726 145 29
4 798 159 31
5 876 175 35
6 960 192 38
7 1,056 211 42
8 1,158 232 46
9 1,272 254 50
10 1,398 279 55
11 1,536 307 61
12 1,686 337 67