Prince - Clash Royale

Dont let the little pony fool you. Once the Prince gets a running start, you WILL be trampled. Does 2x damage once he gets charging.

Prince Summary

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
1.5 sec Medium 1 sec 2.5 Ground 5 x1 Epic Troop
  • This card is unlockable from the Training Camp (Tutorial).
  • The Prince has a special ability: as he continues to run, he will gain increasing speed. Upon hitting a troop or building he will deal 2x damage while immediately losing the speed bonus. However, he can regain it if he starts to move again.
  • The Prince is considered by most of the players as the best troop for the low levels even considered as over powered.
  • The Prince is not related to any other Supercell game.


How to counter Prince

The infamous Prince has brought more difficulty to new players than any other card in the game, however, he is easily countered. He’s relatively tanky, fast, and can become even faster and gain 2x the damage on the next hit. Once a Prince is dropped, you have to react quickly. The key to taking out prince is with cheap swarm troops. Goblins, Spear Goblins, Skeletons all work great and should do enough damage to the Prince/distract it long enough to the point where your tower should easily clean him up. An element of countering Prince that a lot of players overlook is distracting him from your tower. Drop your troops towards the middle of your side of the arena so that the Prince has to spend extra time travelling while taking tower shots. Never drop single troops such as Musketeer to counter the Prince or they will be one-shot by the charge. Additionally, Skeleton Army and Tombstone both stop him dead in his tracks.


Prince Strategy

  • The Prince is best used as an attacking troop with his ability, the Prince can take down enemy Arena Towers with ease. Use this with other troops to your advantage.
  • With the Princes speed when he is using his special ability, the Prince is good for early offensive attacks.
  • The Prince can be effectively paired with the Witch. Due to the Witchs splash damage and its capability to attack air troops, it can cover the Princes weaknesses and can be a very difficult combo to defeat without a large use of Elixir.
  • Swarm the Prince with cards which summon units in large numbers. This means cards such as the Skeleton Army will outnumber the Prince and cause a large distraction to him, rendering him unable to muster his charge attack.
  • A Tombstone can also be used to defeat the Prince. If a Tombstone is placed in the path of a charging Prince, the Tombstone will be destroyed and the 4 spawned Skeletons from the Tombstones destruction can easily take out the Prince. However, the Prince in affiliation with the Dark Prince are a deadly force. If the opponent defends with a Tombstone, both units can destroy the building, along with the spawned Skeletons from the Dark Princes Area Damage, and additional low hitpoint troops deployed by the opponent.
  • Never leave an opposing Prince alone. His high damage combined, with his double damage charge ability can allow him to easily take down an Arena Tower, individually.


Prince Statistics

Level Hitpoints Damage Damage with Ability Damage per second
1 1,100 220 440 146
2 1,210 242 484 161
3 1,331 266 532 177
4 1,463 292 584 194
5 1,609 321 642 214
6 1,760 352 704 234
7 1,936 387 774 258
8 2,123 424 848 282