Rage - Clash Royale

Increases troop movement and attack speed by 35%. Troop buildings and summoners deploy troop faster. Chaaarge!

Rage Summary

Radius Cost Rarity Type
5 3 Epic Spell
  • This card is unlockable from the Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3).
  • The Rage spell increases the damage and speed of troops in the spells AoE (Area of Effect).
  • The Rage is very similar to Rage Spell in Clash of Clans, except that the spell can also speed up the fire-rate of Buildings, such as the XBow, and boost the spawn speed of other buildings.
  • Upgrading the Rage spell does not affect its AoE (Area of Effect) troop movement and attack speed buff, only the spells duration.


How to counter Rage

Rage is pretty bad and rarely ever gets played. Best way to counterplay it is to Fireball or Arrows whatever is being Raged and attacking your tower.


Rage Strategy

  • The Rage spell can be used to to speed up slower troops, such as Golems, PEKKAs and Giants, with higher hitpoints.
  • The spell can also be used to speed up Buildings, such as the Barbarian Hut or Goblin Hut duration to spawn troops, as well as the XBows rate of fire to extremely high effectiveness.


Rage Statistics

Level Duration
1 10 sec
2 10.6 sec
3 11.2 sec
4 11.8 sec
5 12.4 sec
6 13 sec
7 13.6 sec
8 14.2 sec