Skeleton Army

Skeleton Army - Clash Royale

Summons an army of skeletons. Meet Larry and his friends Harry, Gerry, Terry, Mary, etc.

Skeleton Army Summary

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
1 sec Fast 1 sec Melee Ground 4 x20 Epic Troop


How to counter Skeleton Army

A card that should almost always be played reactively, Skeleton Army is great against big threats as the skeletons quickly surround them and take it out. Skeleton Army however, is easily countered by Arrows, Fireball, Baby Dragon, Wizard, Bomber basically anything that does splash damage, so you rarely see it on offense.


Skeleton Army Strategy

  • Due to their high numbers, they are effective against slow, high hitpoint opponents such as Giants.
  • While being powerful in numbers, they are very weak against splash damage. This means that Bombers or Arrows are extremely effective against them and will most likely wipe them out instantly.
  • The Skeleton Army is effective to eliminate high damaging and single targeting troops (such as the PEKKA and Prince etc.), but keep additional single targeting counter-cards if the opponent uses an AoE Spell to eliminate the Skeleton Army.
  • The Skeleton Army is not recommended to use offensively, as they can be easily wiped out with spells such as Arrows, and are most effective as a distraction.


Skeleton Army Statistics

Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second
1 30 30 30
2 33 33 33
3 35 35 35
4 39 39 39
5 43 43 43
6 48 48 48
7 52 52 52
8 57 57 57