Tombstone - Clash Royale

Troop building that periodically deploys Skeletons to fight the enemy. When destroyed, spawns 4 Skeletons. Creepy!

Tombstone Summary

Spawn Speed Deploy Time Lifetime Cost Rarity Type
2.9 sec 1 sec 40 seconds 3 Rare Building
  • This card is unlockable from the Bone Pit (Arena 2).
  • Skeletons such as the ones in the Skeleton Army will spawn from the Tombstone every 3 secs, for offense or defense, effective in large masses again enemy Crown Towers or enemy Cards.
  • The Skeletons spawned are the exact same skeletons spawned by the Witch, the Skeletons card, and the Skeleton Army.
  • They are also cousins of the Wallbreakers from Clash of Clans.


How to counter Tombstone

Tombstone is very rarely used for offense, as the Skeletons usually will never be able to reach a tower. It is, however, a terrific counter to quick offensive troops such as Prince and Hog Rider, and if placed correctly, a single Tombstone by itself should be enough to take care of a Prince or a Hog Rider on defense. If your opponent is playing a Tombstone to distract your push, it is usually not worth specifically counterplaying. Instead, just reinforce your push with more troops to help take out the Skeletons quicker.


Tombstone Strategy

  • The spawned Skeletons are very good at distracting enemy Cards, such as the PEKKA, the Prince, the Mini PEKKA, and the Giant Skeleton.
  • You can generate a Tombstone, as with any building, to defend a Tower, spawning it in front of the Tower to defend it , specifically, against cards which target buildings such as Giant and Golem.
  • Units that target defenses will easily take them out, due to the facts that they will ignore the Skeletons and the low hitpoints of the Tombstone.
  • If an opponent has the Tombstone card, be prepared with AoE (Area of Effect) spell cards (e.g Arrows and Fireball) to destroy the Tombstone.
  • When a Tombstone is destroyed, 4 Skeletons (previously 6) are spawned, so AoE damage spells are effective against the spawned Skeleton mass.
  • The Tombstones destruction can also be used in defense against troops, such as a charging Prince. The Tombstone can be placed in the Princes path, destroying the Building and spawning the 4 Skeletons which then target and overpower the Prince a neutral Elixir-cost trade: 3 Elixir (Tombstone) for 5 Elixir (Prince).
  • In further effectiveness, the Tombstone can be optionally placed towards the center of the defending players territory, so the Prince is drawn further away from the Crown Tower, and the defending Tower can target the Prince, and in collaboration with the Tombstone, defeat the attacking troop swiftly.


Tombstone Statistics

Level Hitpoints Skeleton level
1 200 3
2 220 4
3 242 5
4 266 6
5 292 7
6 320 8
7 352 9
8 386 10
9 424 11
10 466 12