Valkyrie - Clash Royale

Tough melee fighter, deals area damage around her. Swarm or horde, no problem! She can take them all out with a few spins.

Valkyrie Summary

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
1.5 sec Medium 1 sec Melee Ground 4 x1 Rare Troop
  • This card is unlockable from the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1).
  • The Valkyrie bears orange hair, a War Axe and a brown fur coat and attacks with a powerful whirl of her axe, damaging all the troops in an AoE (Area of Effect) surrounding her.
  • The Valkyrie is very similiar to her Clash of Clans counterpart (with her spinning War Axe, aesthetics, etc) except for the Clash Royale-styled graphics and the different colors for both sides (Red, Blue).


How to counter Valkyrie

This card is rarely used, however, it is good to know that she does Splash damage in a circle around her. To kill her, you do not want to use squishy swarm troops such as either Goblin or any Skeletons. Air works well against her (Minions and minion horde especially since they do high damage), otherwise, something a bit tankier such as a Knight should be able to take her out. Barbarians can also work in a pinch, but they will sustain some heavy damage in the process.


Valkyrie Strategy

  • The Valkyrie is very effective against the Skeleton Army, and other low hitpoint troops surrounding her.
  • Due to her high hitpoints, she can be used as a fairly good offensive card given that she can take care of several Goblins or skeletons at the same time.
  • You can easily destroy a Valkyrie using Minions, a Baby Dragon or any other flying troop.


Valkyrie Statistics

Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second
1 800 110 68
2 880 121 75
3 968 133 83
4 1,064 146 91
5 1,170 160 100
6 1,280 176 110
7 1,408 193 120
8 1,544 212 132
9 1,696 233 145
10 1,864 256 170