Witch - Clash Royale

Summons skeletons, shoots destructo beams, has glowing pink eyes that unfortunately dont shoot lasers.

Witch Summary

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
0.7 sec Medium 1 sec 5.5 Air & Ground 5 x1 Epic Troop


How to counter Witch

The summoned skeletons do most of the Witch’s damage but she does do a relatively low amount of splash damage. You can Fireball her and leave her with a sliver of health for the tower to take out, or you can simply drop something a bit beefier (like a Knight) behind her and quickly take her out while sustaining minimal damage.


Witch Strategy

  • The Witch should be placed far behind high hitpoints troops such as the Giant so that it can have enough time to summon its Skeletons and provide offensive support.
  • The Witchs Skeletons can be taken out easily. Make sure you have a group of distracting troops to keep the Witch from being targeted.
  • It is highly unrecommended to spawn the Witch next to the players Crown Tower, as a single Lightning can take out the Witch and damage the Crown Tower.
  • Witches are also useful against slow attacking troops. Her skeletons can distract troops like a Prince whilst the Arena Towers and/or the Witch attacks it.
  • Witches can also be used to counter swarms. Her splash damage makes her a good choice against swarms.


Witch Statistics

Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second Skeleton level
1 500 36 51 6
2 550 39 55 7
3 605 43 61 8
4 665 47 67 9
5 730 52 74 10
6 800 57 81 11
7 880 63 90 12
8 965 69 98 13