XBow - Clash Royale

Nice tower you got there. Would be a shame if this XBow whittled it down from this side of the arena

XBow Summary

Hit Speed Deploy Time Lifetime Range Target Cost Rarity Type
0.3 sec 5 sec 40 sec 13 Ground 6 Epic Building
  • This card is unlockable from the Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3).
  • An upgraded Rocket is able to destroy an XBow completely, or deal immense damage.
  • If the XBow is placed on the enemy half, it is able to target the Kings Tower, inflicting an immense amount of damage and reducing the Towers hitpoints.
  • The XBow has the longest deployment time of all cards in the game, 5 seconds.
  • The XBow has the shortest hit speed of all cards in the game at 0.3 seconds.


How to counter XBow

The original rage machine, the XBow gained an infamous reputation during the soft launch as an infuriating card to play against and counter. With the ability to hit a tower from across the map, the XBow will slowly plink away at your tower while you watch helplessly. Players that run XBow will build their entire deck around protecting it, so countering XBow isn’t as much about taking out the XBow as it is about dealing with the entire deck. The first part to dealing with XBow is recognizing when you’re against an XBow deck. There’s a quick and easy tell if they play a defensive structure right up against the river, 99% of the time they’re setting up for XBow. Once you recognize the XBow deck, it’s time to deal with it. You have two options counterpush it, or split push the other lane. The XBow itself actually does very little DPS (damage per second), but once it locks on to your tower it is relentless. Having a defensive matrix of Teslas, Cannons, and Inferno Towers set up makes it difficult for you to break and often forces players to panic and overcommit to taking it out. Once an XBow player gets a defense down, they will often play XBow in conjunction with a troop like Barbarians or Minion Horde at the same time, making it difficult to take out the XBow. Your best bet is to not panic and Lightning or Fireball the XBow and take some chip damage on the tower, while taking out the troops and defenses they put down to support the XBow. Then, since they’ve just committed 11 elixir to XBow + support troops, they’re relatively open to being counterpushed. Another weakness of XBow players is that they get tunnel vision on one lane. Therefore, if you have a deck with hefty tank such as Giant, Golem, or PEKKA, it’s actually really easy to split push the other lane. The neat part is the XBow AI actually prioritizes troops in its range over buildings (or at least I think it does) so instead of attacking your tower, it will actually attack your tank. Since it does poor DPS, and they’ve committed heavily to one lane, it’s often easy to take the other tower with very little contest. In summary, when facing an XBow deck, don’t panic, look at your hand, and make a smart play. Don’t be afraid to take tower damage, or even trade tower for tower.


XBow Strategy

  • The XBow is an excellent defensive building due to its ability to take down large numbers of small troops such as Goblins and Skeletons.
  • The XBow can also be used offensively due to its range, being able to out shoot the Crown Tower, making for some extremely humorous battles (13 vs. 8.5 tile range). Note that the Mortar can do the same thing to Crown Towers, but dealing very little DPS and distributing Area Damage.
  • The Rocket is an effective counter to the XBow. Its high damage and its capability to be placed anywhere can easily take out a large portion of the XBows hitpoints.
  • In addition, you will have ample time to prepare for the XBow, as it takes 5 seconds to deploy. Overpower it with building-targeting troops, like Giants and Hog Riders, and back them up with Archers or Spear Goblins. Together, they will take down the XBow quickly, before it can target your Crown Tower.
  • An XBow backed up with some support troops, such as Spear Goblins, can effectively destroy a Crown Tower.
  • High hitpoint troops, such as Giants, can distract enemy troops/Buildings, allowing an XBow to safely target, and attack the opposing Crown Tower or enemy troops, while the tank takes all the damage.
  • When dealing with an offensively placed XBow, its quite effective to deploy a Musketeer behind the river/chasm while the XBow is deploying, taking out a large portion of its hitpoints before its ready to fire.
  • Placing a Rage spell on a XBow will increase its hit speed, rapidly damaging the the target. Note that this strategy works best on crown towers, since they are defenseless.

XBow Statistics

Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second
1 850 20 66
2 935 22 73
3 1,028 24 80
4 1,130 26 86
5 1,241 29 96
6 1,360 32 106
7 1,496 35 116
8 1,640 38 126