Zap - Clash Royale

Zaps enemies, briefly stunning them and dealing damage inside a small radius. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.

Zap Summary

Radius Cost Rarity Type
2.5 2 Common Spell
  • This card is unlockable from the Spell Valley (Arena 5).
  • Lightning and Zap are different spells, although having similar uses, effects, and sharing a resemblance to each other. Zap is noticeably weaker than the Lightning spell, but has a lower Elixir cost.
  • Zap has similar Area Damage of the Arrows spell.


How to counter Zap

Zap is a very cheap spell that deals small amounts of damage to a small area and stuns for one second. If you know your opponent has Zap, try to take advantage of its small range and keep your squishy troops spread out. Otherwise, try and push with tankier troops.


Zap Strategy

  • The Zap is valuable for decimating small hordes of troops, as the Zap inflicts damage in an AoE (Area of Effect).
  • The Zap spell is also useful against troops like the Hog Rider or the Prince just before they attack a Crown Tower since they loose momentum and are hitted more times by your Tower.


Zap Statistics

Level Area Damage Crown Tower Damage
1 80 32
2 88 36
3 96 38
4 106 42
5 117 47
6 128 52
7 140 56
8 154 62
9 169 68
10 186 75
11 204 82
12 224 90